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PROstage+ 1000

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Movecat‘s PROstage+ chain hoists satisfy the exact requirements expressed by many professional users to Movecat for a D8 Plus rigging hoist with a high loadbearing capacity, compact dimensions and low unladen weight, as the new hoists are capable of carrying safe working loads of 1000 kg whilst having almost identical dimensions to, and being only slightly heavier than, a 500 kg D8 Plus rigging hoist. This has been made possible by the development of numerous new components taking advantage of the very latest technologies and materials. These include a new, high-strength, abrasion-resistant „D-Type“ chain with a black coating (optionally also galvanized silver). Thanks to its innovative geometry and materials, this has a considerably greater load-bearing capacity than a standard round-linked, steel chain. The housing is made from an unusually light, yet at the same time very strong, alloy, making possible a 50% increase in loadbearing capacity compared to a standard D8 Plus hoist of a similar size. The latest materials and production processes are reflected, too, in the gear system, where an increase in strength has been achieved despite the ultra compact format. The further developed Easyplate chain guide delivers still finer performance and reduces the risk of the chain jamming. The fully integrated electric motor has also been optimized, the rated power increased to 1.1 kW and the voltage spectrum expanded to cover a range from 380 to 415 V AC. The result is exceptionally uniform power development across the entire load range and with it a highly constant lifting speed, which particularly in the case of large load networks is responsible for an enormous increase in functional safety. The hoists can be used according to choice either as climbers or in the standard installation position. The hoists are exceptionally light as well as compact and are recommended in particular for applications where space is limited. In the area of maintenance performance, there are also numerous innovations, such as two maintenance-free DC brakes, an attitude-optimized overload device and an integrated operating hours counter to ascertain automatically the remaining useful life. PR0stage+ hoists are available in a DC (Direct-Control 400 V AC) version and supplied in conformity with EC norms, tested and ready-foroperation. PR0stage+ IGVW SQ P2 D8 Plus chain hoists are supplied as standard with either 18 or 24 metres of lift, a singlehole suspension eyelet, two robust handles, metal cable glands with bend protection, a permanently mounted textile chain bag and as a DC version with a highly flexible Titanex H07RN-F connector cable with a black CEE 4-pin plug. In keeping with Movecat‘s accustomed standards, the hoists are designed for operation with Movecat‘s phasereversible control systems in accordance with DIN 60204- 32 and EN 13849-1 and when used accordingly are certified as CE compliant. A UVV factory inspection by a specialist prior to first use in mobile applications and the VDE 0701/0702 first inspection are also included. Movecat‘s PROstage+ chain hoists inaugurate on the world market a new, independent 1000 kg D8 Plus chain-hoist class with unique load-bearing capacity to dimensions and weight ratios combined with optimal main tenance performance and an outstanding price to performance ratio. They are the ideal hoists for day-to-day rigging in professional applications worldwide.


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(Number of channels: 2, Adjustable range: 2,5 - 4,0 A)

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(Number of channels: 4, Adjustable range: 2,5 - 4,0 A)

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(adjustable range: 2,5 - 4,0 A, Extension: none)

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MPC TD8 Series - Touringrack MPC TD8 Series - Touringrack

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