VMW-D 5-0.7-10 Vario Mini Winch-DMX


VMW-D 5-0.7-10 Vario Mini Winch-DMX

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DMX-controllable point hoist effects winch designed for use with motion elements such as LED objects, show and lighting effects etc. This small winch is equipped with an Hybrid load-bearing medium. Control is effected using standard lighting or effects consoles via DMX 512 with 16-bit resolution for position and speed. Internal control and safety electronics monitor the system parameters, ensuring functional safety and security under all operating conditions – including possible failures such as a power outage. The attached loads are always securely held in their suspended position and the function-relevant data stored in non-volatile memory. A self-test run or reset in the case of a power outage is not necessary. The closed loop control mode makes precise control of speed and position as well as an interruption-free reversal of direction possible. To control the temperature of the transmission and motor, the VMW_D winch is equipped with a cooling system in a low-noise implementation. Further safety features include a transmission brake function (dynamic self-locking), programmable operating and mechanical emergency limit switches (incl. test function) and dynamic run directionand speed- as well as overload- and underload/slackwire-monitoring. The safety provisions of DIN 56950-1 are complied with in full. As a user interface, a backlit LCD display is available with four function buttons, a manual set-up mode that can be controlled by this, Movecat DMX RDM-M „Remote Device Management“ configuration and query of system parameters as well as a status LED remotely controllable via DMX 512. The robust, matt black housing with two handles, M12 socket for truss couplers, and maintenance free, or else ultra low maintenance, mechanical and functional elements guarantee problem free professional use. The universal 100-240 V (50-60 Hz) power supply makes use worldwide possible. The transmission of both the power supply and the DMX 512 signals from device to device can be effected through daisy-chaining. The Movecat VMW_D winch complies with DGUV V17 (BGV C1), DIN 56950-1 and is suitable for the movement of loads over people.

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