VMB-S 250-0.8/1.2-24


VMB-S 250-0.8/1.2-24

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The VMB-S band hoist for universal theatrical, studio, touring and event applications has been tested in accordance with DGU V17/18 (BGV C1), DIN 56950-1 and DGUV Principle 315-390, and approved for the carrying of loads over people as well as complying with EN 61508 SIL 3. The VMB-S band hoist weighs only 105 kilogrammes and is designed for working loads of up to 250 kilos, which it moves at speeds ranging from 0 („true zero speed“) to 0.8 m/sec and 0.8 to 1.2 m/sec with 125 kilos working load over vertical distances of up to 24 metres using a maintenancefree precision steel band. The operating noise level is a nominal 50 dBA/1 m. The band hoist features a bobbin implementation, whereby the lifting tackle is wound in coils onto a small drum. This makes possible an extremely compact format with small exterior dimensions and a central, perfectly balanced lifting tackle feed. The lifting tackle itself takes the form of a high-tensile, precision stainless steel band. Steel bands in kinetic systems make exact positioning possible as well as permitting very smooth movement and extremely low operating noise – during both slow and fast runs. The 0.4- mm „wafer-thin“ steel band of the Movecat band hoist commends itself in particular for applications where the load line needs to be „invisible“. The steel band has specially rounded edges to reduce to a minimum any risk of injury. Thanks to the combination of a flexible band feed and swivel bracket, the steel band can be drawn in through angles of +/- 45° from all directions. If offers a robust, matt black, aluminium housing, closed all round and equipped with two handles, a swivelmounted yoke with transport arrestors and half-coupler sockets for 30- and 40-mm trusses. Maintenance-free, or else ultra-low-maintenance, mechanical and functional elements guarantee problem-free professional performance. All important parts are made from corrosion-proof materials for professional use and an extensive range of accessories is available for use on the road. Reduced noise operation as well as features such as the efficient, highly integrated worm gear motor design with an integrated, TÜVcertified transmission failure protection, two independent maintenance-free noiseless brakes (holding brakes), with contact-free function monitoring, high-resolution independent absolute and incremental encoders, fourlevel gear limit switches for separate operation and emergency evaluation, dual monitoring of transmission motor temperature and a dynamic load-measuring system with function testing round off this practical package. The closed-loop mode allows hovering (true-zero-speed) and change of run direction without incursion of the brakes. To control the temperature of the transmission and motor, the band hoist is equipped with a closed active cooling system (no contamination of the interior) in a low-noise implementation with redundant supervision. The tried-and-tested Movecat status board with indicators for the most important function parameters as well as test functions in accordance with DIN 56950-1 for the independent testing of individual brakes and gear limit switches is also integrated. The hoist can be integrated effortlessly into Movecat‘s I-Motion network via the V-Motion 40E or 55E by following C8904a user-friendly, „plug and lift“ procedure. The band hoist is supplied readyto-use with certificates for the first UVV test performed at the works and the BGV A3 inspection. The VMB-S 250-0.8/1.2-24 corresponds to DGUV V17/18 (BGV C1) and is intended for SIL 3 applications.


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V-Motion 40-E-Sil 3 V-Motion 40-E-Sil 3
(Antriebsleistung: bis zu 4,0 KW, Sil3-Kit: Ja)

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