I-Motion Expert-T III


I-Motion Expert-T III

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State-of-the-art kinetic show controller for the systemic control of kinetic drives for large and complex projects. Developed for applications with up to 240 drives, it allows the control and supervision of any application, with DGUV V 54 (BGV D8), D8 Plus and DGUV V 17 (BGV C1) and various other drives at fixed or variable speeds. Control in mixed operation of drives of all kinds can be realized without problems It is even possible to integrate already existing drives and other stage machinery.

The controller complies in its basic configuration to DGUV V 17 (BGV C1) and EN 61508 SIL 3 and is therefore equipped for scenic runs over persons. The Expert-T III System Controller controls and supervises via I-Motion network the Movecat MPC-4ID8/C1 and V-Motion Power Controller and forms with them a closed safety network. An error in one unit is analysed centrally, represented visually and leads depending upon the system configuration to the immediate shutting down of a hoist/ drive, the group to which it belongs or even the entire system.

The safe, efficient and intuitive control of key operating and run parameters is facilitated by an application-optimized, backlit input keyboard with tactile feedback and a multifunctional 3D control knob. It is further enhanced by a 24“touchscreen. The touchscreen takes over the visual representation of the operating, input and system parameters, in a choice of 2D or 3D displays. The user has at all times therefore an overview of the rig and instant access to parameters and details. Complex target* and group* runs even in the case of possible interactions can be programmed and executed. (*depending upon the hoist/drive configuration).

For direct operation, two dynamic control levers are available as well as five CUE start buttons for the recall and execution of scene changes and shows. An integrated SSD disk as storage medium allows the storage of all system parameters and numerous shows (the actual number depends upon the size of the SSD disk). The data can be exported and stored externally.

The I-Motion Expert-T III system in combination with the I-Motion and V-Motion Power Controllers represents the state-of-the-art solution for professional, complex as well as scenic kinetic applications in the trade fair, events, studio and touring sectors.


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