MPC TD8 Series - Touringrack

MPC TD8 Series - Touringrack

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The all-in-one touring racks of the Movecat TD8 series set new standards in terms of compact construction, operating ergonomics and safety for motor controllers in accordance with BGV D8 and IGVW SQ P2 D8 Plus. They correspond to the current EN 60204-32, EN 13849-1 and VDE 0113 guidelines. The safety systems and power-switching components are supervised in a read-back safety chain to achieve an alltime high in operating safety. In addition, the relevant operating states are systematically illuminated.

The racks unite the control components necessary for operation in a compact, shock-resistant road case. The integrated power station takes over the distribution and protection of the controller modules as well as the supervision of the power supply including any necessary correction of the rotating field.

Both Single mode (Lift/Lower single selection of the hoists) and alternatively Master mode (central Lift/Lower selection of all hoists with a single switch) are available. In addition, a DMB system (enabling/dead-man‘ button) is integrated. Depending upon the rack, up to four external three-stage permission buttons can be connected. Especially with larger rig constructions, it is necessary to supervise these from different positions during the “run” to ensure that, even in the case of systems extending over large areas, runs are performed safely. Series II devices have been further enhanced by a selective bypass system, whereby in the event of a failure in a single module, in the power station or in the MRC, it remains possible to operate the modules and drives not affected.

The safety concept is complemented by the tried-andtested Movecat M-Link system, which allows up to twelve TD8 racks (max. 384 MPC 16/24/32TD8 II - EN 02.2017 drives) to be operated in a network. The M-Link is system-compatible with the Movecat MPC 4ID8 and 4/8ED8 controllers. Up to eight devices can be ‚linked‘ with a single TD8 controller. Even ‚linked‘ mixed operation can be realized with up to eight devices.

 Due to their intuitive operating philosophy and also to their handling and safety features, the racks of the TD8 series are recommended in particular for larger, interdependent rigging systems with more extensive safety requirements in professional rigging applications in accordance with BGV D8 and IGVW SQ P2 D8 Plus.


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