MPC 4ID8 Series

MPC 4ID8 Series

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The Motion Power Controller 4ID8 is based on the established industry standard MPC 4ED8 controllers and represents an intelligent control unit for the governance of asynchronous three-phase drives such as the Movecat ECO, PLUS, Compact and Plus-C chain hoists and their Lite counterparts compliant with D8 and D8 Plus.

This is an independent control platform by means of which up to four hoists or drives series in direct control 400 V AC or remote control 24 V DC version can be directly operated in an operationally secure and user-safe fashion without any additional control devices. A large, back-lit LCD displays the operating states and parameters. The integrated operating and safety processors monitor all functions, whereby the general evaluation of all safety-relevant parameters, including all run states, is implemented as a superordinate safety chain. Any operating error therefore leads invariably to the shutting-down of the connected drives. The relays and safety circuits required for the operation of up to four chain hoists are integrated.

The system corresponds in its basic configuration to the stipulations of BGV D8 and D8 Plus in accordance with igvw SQ P2. A modular concept adaptable to the prevailing functional and safety requirements has been realized.

The MPC 4ID8 is systemcompatible with the existing MPC 4ED8 controllers and can be operated by means of the established Movecat Link system both within a group and also with the wellknown MRC controllers. Furthermore, it is ready for I-Motion network operation, and up to 8 devices can be operated in direct link mode or up to 60 devices via I-Motion network in decentralized group mode in combination with a central controller e.g. a controller from the I-Motion series.

The clearly identifiable input buttons in combination with a rotary/push-button encoder permit the simple and intuitive configuration and handling of the controller. The user is guided by a logically structured and intuitive interface with display output. Even target* and group* runs (*depending upon the drive configuration) can be programmed and executed by this means.

The MPC 4ID8 solution is recommended for use with the ECO, PLUS and Compact Plus-C hoists, as well as their respective Lite counterparts series in direct control 400 V AC or remote control 24 V DC version, in particular for professional rigging applications in the trade fair, events, studio and touring sectors.


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