MPC 4IC1 Series

MPC 4IC1 Series

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The Motion Power Controller 4IC1 represents an intelligent control unit in a 19“ metal housing for the OMK and VMK* hoists from Movecat according to BGV C1. Thanks to the integrated main processor, this is an independent control platform with which four hoists or drives can be operated directly at a fixed speed without additional control devices or external safety computers in an operationally secure and user-safe manner. A large backlit LCD shows the operating states of the connected hoists including their operating parameters.

The MPC 4IC1 main and safety processors supervise all functions, whereby the general analysis of all safety-relevant parameters including all run states is implemented in an independent safety chain per hoist. Any operating error therefore leads invariably to the shutting-down of the affected hoist and hoist group. All the contactor switches and safety circuits for operating and emergency limit, as well as over- and underload, functions required for the operation of four OMK* or VMK* hoists are integrated. A modular concept has been realized that can be adapted precisely to the demands of the user. The system corresponds in its basic configuration to BGV C1, but can be optionally upgraded for applications up to EN 61508 SIL 3 and therefore for scenic runs over human beings.

The MPC 4IC1 is prepared for I-Motion network operation, and up to 60 devices can be operated in linked, decentralized group mode with the NDB modules via I-Motion network by means of a central controller (e.g. I-Motion Expert-T II or Basic). The clearly identifiable input buttons in combination with a rotary/push-button encoder permit the simple and intuitive configuration and handling of the controller. The user is guided by a logical operating structure with display output. Even target* and group* runs can be programmed and executed by this means. (*depending upon the drive configuration).

The MPC 4IC1 solution is recommended for use with the OMK* or VMK* hoists for professional BGV C1 applications in the trade fair, events, studio and touring sectors.


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