I-Motion Basic-C II

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The I-Motion Basic-C controller, which belongs to the Basic controller family, constitutes a compact system controller for the systemic control of kinetic drives in mobile and flexible project applications.

The device, which is in desk format and furnished with a hand rest for greater comfort, is equipped with an integrated dynamic control lever with a dead-man function and speed ratio control, a high-resolution rotary encoder with a button function, a 12“ 4C touch screen and an input keyboard. Three USB ports for external devices such as a mouse, trackball, keyboard or memory stick are built in to the housing. A VGA output is provided for an external monitor. Two I-Net outputs allow integration via cable to the I-Motion network.


Further features include an ID chip card reader with user-level evaluation and an integrated USV module with mains filter that provides effective protection against power outages. The controller also boasts such features as self-testing of relevant functions prior to system enabling as well as grouptranscending

error monitoring within a network.

The Basic-C controller is armed with a robust metal housing, whilst a complementary shockmount road case is available as an option.


The Basic-C in combination with the I-Motion software disposes over an Object

mode for very simple programming of scene changes involving complex groups with multiple drives. It also offers an effects engine for dynamic 3D changes and guarantees a 3D view of the drives, though a further possibility is a 2D display that can be rotated or zoomed to provide a more detailed view. The

user therefore has an overview over the entire rig with direct access to parameters and details. Complex target* and group* runs even in the case of possible interactions can be programmed and recalled (*depending upon the

hoist/drive configuration).


System parameters andnumerous settings are stored on a vibration-proof SSD. Logbook data from the internal ‚black box‘ can be displayed and exported. Project files can be exported and imported to and from servers and exchangeable mediums (USB sticks). The I-Motion software also runs on an external PC in offline mode.

Because of its feature set, the Basic-C controller is very well suited to variable-speed drives. Naturally up to twenty- four D8, D8 Plus and C1 drives can also be controlled and supervised in mixed operation at fixed or variable speeds.


The „little“ brother of the SIL3-certified EXPERT-T II controller is designed for 24 drives. The I-Motion Basic-C show controller is especially recommended in combination with the MPC I-series and V-Motion controllers for smaller to medium-sized kinetic BGV C1 and SIL 3 production demands in which controlled vario drives in combination with a dynamic control lever for the operation of the show are desired. It is system- and softwarecompatible with the I-Motion Expert-T controllers and can be used as a backup system.


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